About Us

Hey! We are Cryzza, a platform dedicated to making crypto easier and safer. No, we aren't an exchange. No, we don't try and buy crypto for less than it's worth. We are just wanting to make it easier for you and society to adopt crypto.

We can try to achieve this goal by making tools and apps that help you ride the market up. Heres how we help:

  • by creating tools like The Crypto Terminal
  • by making maps that tell users where they can spend crypto
  • and by making our tools and resources free to you guys

We started as a two-man band creating ideas, apps, and tools that we thought would be helpful to ourselves. We then realized that these tools would also be useful for others too. So, we started Cryzza. Currently, its still just us two but, we have bright hopes for Cryzza and our users.

Here is some more important pages that you can explore: