Cryzzas Launch

Cryzza is here to help change the way we deal with cryptocurrencies. That is why we brought Cryzza Terminal, a portfolio, and a map with locations around the world who accept cryptocurrency. We kept everything free to use however we do have some premium versions so we can continue as a company.

Cryzza Terminal

What is the Cryzza Terminal?
The Cryzza Terminal is a place where you can see real time prices of cryptocurrencies, see the latest whales, see the network fees, and view your assests all in the same place.

Account Portfolios

Why is your portfolio better?
Our portfolio is intergrated with our Terminal, so you can see how your assests are doing in real time, along with being able to see the changing prices of different cryptos all at the same time.

Cryzza Maps

What does Cryzza Maps do?
Cryzza Maps shows companys from all around the world who accept cryptocurrency as payment. Paving the way for crypto to be more socially acceptable will be hard. That is why we want to help each company who accpets crypto by making them easier to find.

Cryzza launched,
with 2 employees,
with 0 users,
in June, 2021,