Introducing Cryzza Premium 🚀

and more! Coming soon to the web, near you.

Features of Cryzza Premium

Wow, very such many features!

  • Saved coins maximum in terminal go from 15 to 100
  • Unlock 1hr, 2yr, and 5yr views in coin charts
  • More portfolio insights
  • Automatically integrate your portfolio with the terminal app
  • More filters in Cryzza maps
  • Cryzza exchange prioritizes your sales and buys
  • Custom logo in QR codes
  • Up to 5 devices can be logged in at once
  • Support small business and the adoption of crypto
  • Only 4 credits a month! ($4*)

Frequently asked Questions

    Why credits and not a subscription?
  • It's actually pretty simple, you can't autocharge a crypto wallet. Plus, subscriptions are complicated, we'd rather you know when youre purchasing and not have fishy "subscriptions".
  • Why 4 dollars?
  • We think subscriptions are overcharged, so we try and keep ours low, plus there is no taxes.
  • What other filters are for maps with premium?
  • Hide specific locations, like all Starbucks. You'll also get access to more specific details about locations and can have our systems text you the address.
  • What do you mean more maximum coins in terminal?
  • With free, you can only have up to 15 crypto currencies pinned on the left bar, which IMO is plenty. But, if you are a real-real enthusiast, you can pin upto 100 on the left bar with premium!
  • How exactly does it work?
  • Step one, you buy credits (minimum of 4 credits per purchase). You then setup premium under account settings. When you run out, you buy more credits, as many as you'd like!
  • Anymore questions?
  • Just email us, [email protected].

much wow...

* We do not cover transaction fees